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Story - Raven III _ Ocean of Love, part XVI - To experience interactions

Leaders….are only leaders if someone wants to actually follow them.’

- Terri Kelly (Source, Lecture)

«esprit incarné»

- ‘..It is impermissible to separate the “mental” or “spiritual” from the “material.” ‘

‘..psychology can never demonstrate the validity of a praxeological theorem. It may show that some people or many people let themselves be influenced by certain motives. It can never make evident that all human action is necessarily dominated by a definite categorial element which, without any exception, is operative in every instance of action.’

- Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, page 485 (’..reflection about the essence of action.’)

‘..a theory of the process of human interactions.’

- ‘..Praxeology..’

‘..affective human life, particularly in all that concerns communication, interaction..’

- Veldman, Haptonomy

February 2009

‘After he talked with you, he left with his chopper. The droids waved him goodbye. He is on extended leave now.’

He had fired her, but we had hired her.

‘What is the function of this business unit?’ the new Agent asked.


Where to start?

I was trying to find the right words, maybe this could work; ‘If one doesn’t understand whats behind it, it would seem like magic. But it isn’t. We are able to share knowledge and insights in a profound manner to serve to better the human world. It takes some time to digest the knowledge and experiences but it is understandable to you as an individual. The learning isn’t hurried or rushed, but firm and patient.’

‘What kind of knowledge and experiences?’ she asked.

She and her question stirred more in me than I had anticipated.

‘Experiences,’ I said softly. I drifted somewhat away with my mind.

‘Uhm.. I believe that I could share a small experience in the Room of Thoughts.’

‘What is that?’


However small the experience was, the way it was shared impressed her. She understood my answers better than before the experience.

‘Do not underestimate the power of the Room of Thoughts.’

I also showed her the Raven, the not so ordinary yacht. It was the small experience that made her sense the vessel, its potential and she felt how the ship sensed her.

‘Fascinating,’ she said.

Certain letters, projected by the plasma orbs, started to float on the Raven: an ‘L’, and an ‘E’, and ‘O’ and ‘V’ in between.

‘That is the direction.’

In time, they will follow you.

‘Mission for Humanity’

- Dr. Eben Alexander


She wrote in her diary:

Dear diary,

After I had been fired by the CEO I have been hired again by another business unit and it is very different. My new ‘Thá Boss‘ (essentially, there are no bosses here) has been my guide. What impressed me most is how they are able to convey knowledge and experiences. It was never overwhelming and I could grasp it.

The only one who was sometimes vague was Thá Boss. He talked about finance, individual learning, global issues and so much more. Like he was in a hurry. What I found neat was how this strange yacht the Raven seemed to store the conversation. I could open it the next day on my workstation, (I lack a better words for it but) I just merged into it, like I was still there. I noticed new hints and insights.

It is rather an immersive workplace. Hard to explain in words.

‘..a much greater understanding of how our very actions..’

‘Progress alone is no longer a reason for opening doors to a new technology. The possible impact that technology might have on the whole is viewed as a serious consequence. By the year 3000, we have a much greater understanding of how our very actions, thoughts, words, and deeds change reality as we understand it to be.

The spirituality of the future isn’t perfect. Because we are human, there are still glitches and flaws. But we have apparently traveled a long way down the road of understanding, and are now standing in the doorway of conscious awareness. We seem to have a much better grasp of what that awareness can bring. It is clear that prayer is now viewed as action, and action is viewed as creation.’

- Joseph McMoneagle, The Ultimate Time Machine, page(s) 270 & 271 (short inquiry, 2011)