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Project Consciousness

A cause of many of our mistakes and problems is ignorance–an overwhelming … ignorance of the facts about the rest of the world.
– Admiral H. G. Rickover, September 10, 1982

An overwhelming ignorance of ourselves.

Haptonomy concerns – by its very nature – all human life from conception until death.

One of its considerable fields of interest, covers the interactions, relationships and affective contacts between parents and their child, from the moment of conception.

Haptonomy has shown, in particular, that the pre-natal, peri-natal and immediate post-natal affective interactions between the mother, the father and their child are of particular importance for the harmonious growth and development of the latter.

From conception to birth, the human being has a relationship of complicity with his mother: an unlimited relationship. Unlimited in the sense that there are neither rules, nor laws, nor norms to which to conform.

From his conception a human being possesses all the historicity of his own special nature which are fixed in his genes:

– a “memory” of the phylogenetic and ontogenetic evolution of his prehistory, as a “collective human memory”, a “collective consciousness”;

– his individual “significant constellation”, with the heritage of his ancestry, his direct heredity (the genetic heritage transmitted by his parents), which determines his capacities, his talents, his gifts and the potential features of his personality, both good and bad.
– Dr. Frans Veldman

And the story continued (in 2009)…

Cyc: “Solar Grid status: Cycle almost complete. Levitated Dipole Fusion output is increasing. The D-D fuel cycle works marvelously Sir. I shall unburden Manta now.”

( To be continued… )

I do not claim to have a magic answer, but I believe there are some basic principles of existence, propounded by thinkers through the ages, which can guide us toward the goal of finding a purpose of life.

Among these principles of existence, it is responsibility that forces man to become involved. When an individual accepts responsibility, he is taking upon himself an obligation. Responsibility is broad and continuous. None of us is ever free of it, even if work is unsuccesful.
– Admiral H. G. Rickover, U.S. Navy, September 10, 1982