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“Irgendwann fällt jede Mauer”

Man has a large capacity for effort. In fact it is so much greater than we think it is that few ever reach this capacity.
– Admiral Rickover, Thoughts on Man’s Purpose in Life, 1982

Haptonomy is neither a method nor a technique but the Art of Being Human!
– Dr. Frans Veldman, Confirming Affectivity, the Dawn of Human Life, 2001

The Agents in Egypt were notified that the First Lifter, Boarded by Lisa, the Hostess and the hawk, would leave and rendezvous with Manta.

Manta notified me that she was directly lined with the magnetic tale of Venus, the second planet around our Sun..

I thought; ‘Key: The Heart. Input: Hermes Trismegistus.’

Manta started to glow while the Special Agents were in trance, flaoting in a fixed triangler formation around me.

( To be continued … )

- Frontiers of Complexity
- Open Source
- Murray Gell-Mann

His academic research was steeped in the increasingly sophisticated discipline of econometrics, which uses computer models to simulate (and predict) the economy. By contrast, Greenspan often relied on his hunches. The difference is partly generational, but Bernanke is clearly more comfortable working with mathematical formulas than with anecdotal examples. (One looks in vain in his Depression writings for stories of banks that failed or of workers who lost their jobs.)
– Roger Lowenstein, The Education of Ben Bernanke, January 20, 2008

…Inflation is related to monetary policy. It’s related to the issue of money. The issue of money is a governmental responsibility predominantly, and to use that authority in a way that leads to inflation is a system that fools a lot of people, and to keep fooling them you have to do it more and more; [that] is a moral issue. I put myself in that camp.
Paul Volcker, September 26, 2000

The Credit system is today an incredible mess. … Many players throughout the Credit market are now severely impaired and have lost the capacity to hedge against/mitigate further losses.
…“Contemporary finance” is being exposed as a daisy-chain of interrelated risks and fragilities.

– Doug Noland, Daisy-Chain, January 18, 2008