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How to get VC investment for your open source business October 23, 2008

Linux valued at $10.9 billion Oct. 22, 2008

OpenERP or opentabs April 08, 2008

Is Linux the disruptive technology, or is it the GNU General Public License... July 17, 2008

Linus Torvalds, Geek of the Week July 17, 2008

Linus Torvalds - Part II February 2008

Linus Torvalds - Part I January 2008

Online library reaches million book milestone December 20, 2007

First Image Taken With an Ultra Low Field MRI November 10, 2007

Taoism of open source - By Chen Nan Yang September 29, 2007

Interview with Anne Nicolas, Director of Engineering, Mandriva 22 October 2007

(USA) Income-Inequality Gap Widens October 12, 2007

Robots cater to Japan's elderly October 4, 2007

The Linux Driver Project September 27, 2007 - (Linux kernel monkey log - Linux Driver Project)

Data Errors During Drive Communication September 12, 2007

Google Becomes OIN's First End User Licensee "To Help Linux Thrive" August 07 2007

Open Invention Network (OIN) 2007

Linux: The 0.02 and 0.03 Releases August 2, 2007

Linux: The 0.01 Release July 26, 2007

Linux kernel 2.6.23 to have stable userspace driver API July 21st, 2007

The Open Library Demo 2007

Anatomy of the Linux kernel 06 Jun 2007

Who wrote Linux Kernel 2.6.20? February 20, 2007

Study Detects Recent Instance of Human Evolution December 11, 2006

OpenDocument Now Published ISO Standard December 04, 2006

A critique - The New Deal Debunked November 2004

Deep ice tells long climate story September 4, 2006

First Quantum Cryptographic Data Network Demonstrated August 29, 2006

New Storm on Jupiter Hints at Climate Change

U.S. advised to promote open standards, source, innovation

The Knowledge

Linux & Open Source Software: The Present

OpenDocument Format Alliance

Climate of Fear - Global-warming alarmists intimidate scientists

Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story

More Unintended Consequences of the DMCA

Sun research yields unexpected results

CO2 'highest for 650,000 years'

Unexpected warming in Antarctica

Creative Commons License Upheld by Dutch Court

Circumventing Competition: The Perverse Consequences of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act


What Corporate Projects Should Learn from Open Source

Breaking down barriers to Linux desktop adoption

Korea Plans to Build Linux City, University

The new organisation

Don't Do as the Romans Do

U.K. judge frowns on software patents

Homeland Security helps secure open-source code

Open-source Overhauls Patent System

French Gendarmerie National switches to Firefox and Thunderbird

The Patent Epidemic

Cutting Through the Patent Thicket

Schneier on Security: Titan Rain

RAD Lab: Reliable Adaptive Distributed systems Laboratory

It's "1984" in Europe, What About Your Country?

Wikipedia's Accuracy Compared to Britannica

2008 Olympics plans open source migration

Cut and paste - Named and Shamed

The Freesound Project

O3: The Open Source Enterprise Data Networking Magazine

DMCA Abuse Widespread

OSDL says patent threat to Linux is receding

Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes

Massachusetts, Open Document, and Accessibility

Bad Day To Be Sony ( Bruce Schneier comments)

Right to Create

The Adelphi Charter on Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Linux: Linus On Specifications

Linux Migration Guide

In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law

Orbiter's Long Life Helps Scientists Track Changes on Mars

Mars 'more active than suspected'

Motivating Workers By Giving Them a Vote

The Next Giant Leap Nanotechnology could lead to radical improvements for space exploration.

Open Source Energy Network (OSEN)

Build your business with open source

What Business Can Learn from Open Source

Why Bill Gates wants 3,000 new patents

Software Agents Can Help Time-Stressed Teams

'Free' Danish beer makes a splash (Open Source beer under a Creative Commons licence)

New Linux Kernel Development Process

Water ice in crater at Martian north pole

Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar Go Linux

Following Bill Gates' Linux Attack Money

A New Kind of Solar Storm

Bayle, Enlightenment, Toleration and Modern Western Society

The machine that can copy anything

Senate panel votes to expand Patriot Act

The Most Powerful Labor Union in the World: Linux?

Toyota aims to sell service robots by 2010-Asahi

Nokia announces patent support to the Linux Kernel


Open source methods and their future potential

EU Rapporteur Publishes Software Patent

Democratizing Innovation (2005)

Proof that mankind causes Kyoto based flawed Kyoto (pdf)

How to Battle the Coming Brain Drain (Also age-discrimination)

XS4ALL vs Scientology (Copyright)

New machines could turn homes into small factories

Linux: Kernel Release Number, Part II

Software Freedom

The Future Is Open: What OpenDocument Is And Why You Should Care

The Best Manager of 2004 - Linus Torvalds

The Care and Feeding of Foss

Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

Linux Client Migration Cookbook A Practical Planning and Implementation Guide for Migrating to Desktop Linux

Major Climate Change Occurred 5,200 Years Ago: Evidence Suggests That History Could Repeat Itself

Be careful how you code (EU Patents)

Climate and Space effects

Do-it-yourselfer's EDA project wins open-source fans

Linux: Fewer Bugs Than Rivals

With Linux Clusters, Seeing Is Believing

Argo, a Robotic Network System that Watches Our Oceans

Cathedral Style: Former CIA Head Calls for Limiting Access to the Internet

A complex system view of why stock markets crash

SolarPC Announces the $100 Personal Computer

Linus is the number 1 top executive for 2004

Linus interview

The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire

Interview with Red Hat Vice President, Open Source Affairs - Michael Tiemann

Monopolies of the mind The Economist urges patent reforms

The new EU grid project - EGEE (follow up of The DataGrid Project)

The WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.

A neutral atom quantum register (pdf)

Software enables satellite self-service in space

Patent horror: Kodak Wins Java Lawsuit Against Sun

Bruce Sterling Is Worldchanging

Open Source Licensing

Manifesto for the Reputation Society

Linus Torvalds' Benevolent Dictatorship

Self-assembling 3D Nanostructures

A quantum leap: Researchers create super-secure computer network

Linux guide designed for developing nations

The Business Value of Open Source

Access all areas (Scientific publishing)

Open Source to the Core

Straight from the Source: Perspectives from the African Open Source Movement

At the Edge

KDE Development Model

The Variable Sun

Solar Variability and Climate Change

EU Open Source Observatory

Evolution of the Linux Credit files

Seven open source business strategies for competitive advantage

The state of copyright activism by Siva Vaidhyanathan

The Internet in developing nations: Grand challenges by Larry Press

Release criteria for the Linux kernel by David G. Glance

Fundamental issues with open source software development by Michelle Levesque

Japan's Robot Developers Go Linux

Mars changes rapidly

Free Culture - How big media uses technology and the law to lock down culture and controle creativity

The Adima Simputer

Living Machines

A Reconfigurable Computing Primer

Abrupt Climate Change, A Chilling Possibility

Modelling complexity - Agents of creation

Software patents 'threaten Linux'

Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field

Cracks in Earth's Magnetic Shield

Goodbye sunshine - Global Dimming

The Linux managing model

Phantom authority, self–selective recruitment and retention of members in virtual communities

Who will build our digital future? - Open Source

Cracks in Earth's Magnetic Shield

Why Linux Is Wealthier Than Microsoft

The Magnetic Storm

Nasa, SGI Linux Supercomputer exploring Earth

History of Linux at Red Hat

Huge computing power goes online - The Grid

Red Hat Reports Its Best Results Yet

Space Dust Flooding Our Solar System

Global Warming on Pluto

The Diamond Age has started

Anasazis didn't leave; they moved, adapted

Linux creator an open source

Solar variability and climate changes: is there a link? (pdf report)

Meet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Bankruptcy of the Cathedral Model) (pdf report)

Linus Says, Linux Not Designed; It Never Was

A Star with two North Poles

Greenland cools as world warms

V838 Light Echo: The Movie

Red Hat Ten Years Old (1993 - 2003)

Sun's Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming

US and China join fusion project

The Inconstant Sun

Near-Earth Supernovas

Research on Trust (pdf report)

Cathedral model - The IMF (pdf report)

Humor in the Linux Kernel Source Code