Forever War in the Last 20 Years Cost $6.4 Trillion

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'In 1971, Nixon removed closed the gold window ending all deficit spending controls. This enabled Congress to spend at will, and nations in general to abandon all fiscal responsibility.

The result was a whopping $250 trillion in global debt.

I asked, $250 Trillion in Global Debt: How Can That Be Paid back?

The short answer is that it "won't". A currency crisis awaits, as noted in the above link.

Meanwhile, spending is more than a bit out of control, and will remain out of control until some sort of currency crisis settles the hash.'

- Mike "Mish" Shedlock, Forever War in the Last 20 Years Cost $6.4 Trillion, November 21, 2019


'..BIS chastises central banks .. More fundamentally, monetary policy cannot be the engine of growth.'

'..a world of debt, a historic global securities Bubble..'

'..The crazier things get the more unsustainable Bubble prices become.'