(Fusion Power) - '..LPP has so far has two out of the three necessary ingredients for successful breakeven..'

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'As a for-profit business, the first site is that of Lawrenceville Plasma Physics. The most interesting part of this site is a page on the timelines and achievements. The second site is for the Focus Fusion Society which is more for the general public and supporters and it contains a number of interesting fora. The tweets have all the latest information. Also, if you were to read only one thing, I would recommend a diary which Keith Pickering wrote for DK which explains much about the physics and has an excellent description of the history of this project.

The path to fusion power is still looking tortuous, but passable. LPP has so far has two out of the three necessary ingredients for successful breakeven: event duration and temperature. Only the density of the mini-fireball remains below target and they are hot on the trail. They may or may not be the guys who get the prize in the end, but from what I see, they are way out in front, and it seems that the odds are in their favor.

They merit at least a good look.'

- 3.25 Billion Degrees -- The Gateway to Fusion Power, October 6, 2015


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