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2021: The Year of Acute Monetary Disorder and Fragility

101/10/2021 11:00AM
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[Trump] is being impeached for: inciting an insurrection. - '..QAnon .. a domestic terrorist threat..'

101/13/2021 08:11PM
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The Healing of America is an Enormous Undertaking

101/13/2021 07:55PM
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'..fully committed to protecting and defending the Constitution “against all enemies foreign and domestic.” '

101/13/2021 07:49PM
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'..calling the violent group that descended on the U.S. Capitol “domestic terrorists” '

101/10/2021 11:07AM
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'..Republican leaders and Cabinet officials told CNN that they believe Donald Trump should be removed from office before January 20.'

101/07/2021 06:41PM
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'Nuclear arms control is one area where Russia expects real cooperation from Team Biden .. interest in climate change .. a potential avenue for Russia-U.S collaboration in the Biden-era..'

101/06/2021 04:13PM
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(South African coronavirus variant) - '..the vaccines against the new variants .. any required tweaks in around six weeks.'

101/04/2021 09:49PM
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(SolarWinds hack) - '..the Solorigate incident is an opportunity to work together in important ways, to share information, strengthen defenses and respond to attacks..'

101/02/2021 08:56PM
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(Navalny) - Russian Agent .. Confessing Poison Plot - 'Nobody in the world now has any doubt about the criminal character of the Russian political leadership.' - Gudkov

112/21/2020 08:34PM
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(BBC) - US cyber-attack: Russia 'clearly' behind SolarWinds operation, says Pompeo - '..the worst-ever cyber espionage attack on the US government.'

112/19/2020 01:04PM
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'Some of America’s most deeply held institutional secrets may have been stolen in a large hacking operation..'

112/19/2020 12:58PM
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