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(Putin's War) - 'What are Ukraine's borders? .. they’re internationally recognized and defined in 1991.' - Navalny

102/22/2023 09:59AM
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'..support Ukraine for as long as it takes..' - '..Ukraine .. to fight the war to a victory that it wants..' - 'Kasparov says after the war, there needs to be justice..'

105/21/2023 08:17AM
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(Global Stagflation) - 'Europe .. food price caps .. the worst cost of living crisis for a generation.' - 'US inflation Set to Stay Firm..'

105/21/2023 08:05AM
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(2023) - The Sodium-Ion Battery Is Coming To Production Cars This Year - 'Sodium is an attractive alternative to lithium..'

105/21/2023 07:02AM
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It’s Not Enough for Ukraine to Win. Russia Has to Lose.

105/20/2023 08:01AM
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F-16 fighter jets: US lets allies give jets to Ukraine

105/20/2023 06:57AM
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US signals to allies it won’t block their export of F-16 jets to Ukraine

105/19/2023 06:52AM
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(Putin's War) - 'Putin’s plans for a subjugated Ukraine..'

105/05/2023 08:14AM
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(Global Stagflation)(Inflationary damage) - '..acc to Taylor Rule .. ECB rates should be 7.2 ppts higher for the entire Eurozone..'

105/04/2023 08:24AM
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(Global Stagflation) - 'The European economy .. stubborn inflation raises the price of groceries..' - '..Fed .. sticky inflation..'

105/04/2023 08:13AM
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(Global Stagflation) - 'US Inflation Pressures Persist..' - 'The average price of food in the United States increased 8.5%..'

105/03/2023 07:04AM
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(The Myth of Multipolarity) - 'Any proposal to use U.S. military force outside Asia and Europe should be deeply interrogated..'

105/01/2023 09:14AM
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