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Trump still not grasping the severity of the pandemic

108/05/2020 08:32PM
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'..the European Union imposed sanctions on .. China .. tackling cyber warfare head on..'

107/31/2020 04:25PM
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'..authorizing the president to respond with military force if China attacks Taiwan.'

107/31/2020 04:12PM
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(A united front against China)(The New Alliance) - Pompeo in UK calls for 'coalition' to counter China - '..China .. stealing intellectual property and technology..'

107/23/2020 09:04AM
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'The Belarusian opposition's main presidential candidate has held two mass rallies..'

107/23/2020 08:56AM
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U.S. targets all Chinese Communist Party members for possible travel ban: source

107/17/2020 08:23AM
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China's own records debunk 'historic rights' over disputed seas

107/17/2020 08:11AM
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'..the PRC’s goal is to replace you.' - 'Over the years, corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Apple have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate with the CCP.' - Barr

107/17/2020 08:07AM
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(A united front against China)(The New Alliance) - 'The world will not allow Beijing to treat the South China Sea as its maritime empire..'

107/16/2020 09:01AM
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(Belarus) - '..to continue to do what we can to urge the government of Belarus to improve its record on human rights and democracy..'

107/16/2020 08:37AM
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'Russian police detained almost 150 people in Moscow protesting recently..'

107/16/2020 08:34AM
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