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'..It has the feel that a decade of egregious monetary inflation and speculative Bubbles is about to get Some Comeuppance.'

108/20/2019 06:36PM
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'..We have a revanchist Russia .. And we have a China, which is still Leninist..'

108/18/2019 11:23AM
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(Ukraine) - '..insist that broader reform of the SBU is needed. Galeotti, the security expert at RUSI, said corrupt heads should roll and the agency should be broken up..'

108/18/2019 11:00AM
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Nyonoksa, Severodvinsk, and Arkhangelsk - 'We remember Chernobyl .. a vacuum of reliable information..'

108/18/2019 10:41AM
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'..If a government cannot respect the basic rights of people it claims as its own citizens..'

108/14/2019 07:54PM
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'..China’s disinformation network..'

108/14/2019 07:46PM
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'..only a few areas of the globe are of vital importance to U.S. security or prosperity..'

108/14/2019 07:16PM
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'..I’ll assume the flow of “hot money” away from global risk markets has commenced.'

108/13/2019 08:37PM
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'..a world of debt, a historic global securities Bubble..'

108/06/2019 05:19PM
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A military crackdown in Hong Kong - 'It would underline for a lot of people that it's almost impossible to do business with China and even live with China.'

108/05/2019 07:23PM
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'..China’s problem. The problem isn’t capitalism. It’s power.'

108/02/2019 10:02AM
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