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'Ukraine will win, sooner or later, because no fascist state has ever truly prevailed over a free country.'

105/25/2022 07:52AM
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'..Negotiations & agreements with Putin have proven meaningless since he always lies. He must lose..'

105/23/2022 07:14AM
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(Global food crisis) - '..the ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk and others cut off from the world by Russian warships..' - '..to Fight Russian Blockade.'

105/22/2022 08:24AM
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'..a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq .. I mean, of Ukraine, Iraq too..' - George W Bush

105/22/2022 07:04AM
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WHO chief censored on China's internet after calling zero-Covid unsustainable

105/14/2022 09:36AM
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(Complete withdrawal from Ukraine (Crimea and the Donbas)) - '..Military intelligence chief 'optimistic' of Russian defeat saying war 'will be over by end of year'

105/14/2022 09:28AM
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(The U.S. out of the Middle East) - Why Are American Troops Still in Iraq? - '..the case for leaving Iraq is even stronger.'

105/12/2022 05:25PM
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'Russia built much of its geopolitical resurgence on opposition to the West’s flawed wars in the Middle East..' - '..disastrous decisions of the Bush administration to invade..'

105/10/2022 05:15PM
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Ukraine war: Russia must withdraw to pre-invasion position for a deal - Zelensky - What it will take for the Ukrainians to win

105/07/2022 12:22PM
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(Russia's war of brutality) - NATO countries '..put industry on a war-time footing..' (Mobilizing Industry)

105/04/2022 07:06AM
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'Where are the Russia specialists in the German diplomatic service? They don’t exist.' - It’s time Germany brought its Russia experts in from the cold

105/02/2022 06:29PM
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