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'..a decade-long debt .. emerging markets..' - '..a tech bubble larger than March of 2000..'

105/23/2018 08:21PM
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'..I think a worldwide debt default is likely in the next 10–12 years.'

105/19/2018 06:55PM
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'..over time, debt stops stimulating growth..' - '..The mother of all bubbles exists and it is in the debt markets..'

105/12/2018 03:31PM
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'I am for direct talks and transparent talks between Iran and America, the sooner the better.'

105/11/2018 05:52PM
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'..take active measures to protect .. companies and banks trading in Iran.'

105/11/2018 05:37PM
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'..Donald Trump .. undermined global confidence in US commitments..'

105/11/2018 04:37PM
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'..we already observe the same combination of extreme valuations and divergent market internals that we observed at the 2000 and 2007 peaks..'

105/09/2018 05:07PM
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'..the higher the level of debt the greater the restraint on economic growth.'

105/05/2018 04:42PM
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'..the next financial tremors will come from corporate debt.'

105/05/2018 03:31PM
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'..the risks that non-bank investors (and some banks) face in the leveraged loan world.' - Gillian Tett

105/01/2018 10:08PM
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(Project C - The Creator Unit) - '..scientists have managed to show quantum entanglement .. happening between macroscopic objects..'

105/01/2018 04:30PM
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