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(#MeToo abuse) - The WTA cares enough about Peng Shuai to stand up to China. Does anyone else?

111/23/2021 08:28AM
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'..once upon a time, a lot of celebrities, including film stars and singers, really cared about human rights..'

110/30/2021 06:37AM
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'..the Russian government’s “intensifying harassment of independent journalists and media outlets” in the country.'

110/30/2021 06:33AM
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'Sadly, there have been many countries that are not speaking out on Uyghur genocide due to Chinese pressure or economic relations with China.'

110/29/2021 07:01AM
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(To learn to train for peace - Train for Peace) - '..the United States has no compelling military need to keep a permanent troop presence in the Middle East.'

110/29/2021 06:39AM
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Middle East prepares for the US to exit Syria

110/27/2021 05:08PM
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'..a China firmly in the grip of totalitarian tyranny.'

110/17/2021 11:19AM
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'The pace of global recoveries since 1975 has been slower and weaker..' - '..when a central bank’s inflation view becomes a joke..'

110/16/2021 01:41PM
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(Poland must leave the EU) - 'The Polish government .. undermines the EU’s legal foundations.'

110/13/2021 07:10AM
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('The "Manic-Depressive" Economy) - 'It’s turning into a debacle..'

110/10/2021 07:08AM
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'Some are just psychopaths': Chinese detective in exile reveals extent of torture against Uyghurs

110/09/2021 06:48AM
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