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'The number of nuclear weapons held by world powers declined in the past year.'

106/18/2019 08:57AM
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'Financial and economic Systems have evolved to become acutely unstable.'

106/18/2019 08:53AM
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'History has never experienced such powerful financial Bubbles on a globalized basis.'

106/11/2019 08:52PM
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'..it’s as if global safe haven bond markets are anticipating a bout of panic in the not too distant future.'

106/03/2019 06:54PM
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'Two Interest Rate Theorems' - 'Disinflationary effects of technology, aging demographics and excessive debt' - '..the bursting of China’s historic Bubble..'

105/28/2019 05:32PM
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(Earth Shield - Earth Defence)(Starlink network) - 'The SpaceX company has begun the roll-out of its orbiting broadband system.'

105/24/2019 03:57PM
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'This week marked the True Start to the U.S. vs. China Trade War.'

105/20/2019 07:25PM
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'The freer a country is, the richer it is. There are no unfree countries that are rich.' - Mao Yushi

105/18/2019 04:43PM
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'..Late-stage historic global Bubble..'

105/11/2019 09:43AM
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'..And to put it very bluntly, “frustration” is inadequate to describe the result of underfunded pensions..'

105/04/2019 03:36PM
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'..if we’re now at an inflection point for global market liquidity..'

104/30/2019 07:46PM
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