'..reductions in air pollution and lower costs .. moving to low-carbon electricity generation..'

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<blockquote>'The United States could lower carbon emissions from electricity generation by as much as 78 percent without having to develop any new technologies or use costly batteries, a new study suggests. There’s a catch, though. The country would have to build a new national transmission network so that states could share energy.


“We can use existing transmission pathways,” Jacobson says, and just improve the lines that run across them. “You don’t need as many new pathways as you think.”

Increasing renewable energy would have benefits in addition to lower carbon emissions, such as reductions in air pollution and lower costs. “There’s little downside to transitioning,” he says.

Plus, MacDonald notes, moving to low-carbon electricity generation could serve as a catalyst for lower carbon emissions in sectors such as home heating and transportation. “No matter what, you have to do electricity first,” he says, and the rest will follow.'

- The U.S. Could Switch to Mostly Renewable Energy, No Batteries Needed, January 25, 2016</blockquote>


<blockquote>(Global) - '..a revolutionary shift to net zero emissions by 2080..'

'Costa Rica .. a clean energy milestone .. aims to be carbon-neutral by 2021..'</blockquote>