Smart Defence - Pooling & Sharing - '..generating the modern defence capabilities that the Alliance needs for the future..'

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<blockquote>'In its efforts to promote a systematic approach towards Pooling & Sharing, EDA proposed and Ministers adopted on 19 November 2012 the “Code of Conduct on Pooling & Sharing”. The Code comprises a series of actions to support cooperative efforts of EU Member States to develop defence capabilities. The actions herein are aimed at mainstreaming Pooling & Sharing in Member States’ planning and decision-making processes. They are to be implemented on a national and voluntary basis, in line with defence policies of Member States.

In December 2013 the European Council made a clear case for increased defence cooperation and welcomed the progress achieved by the Agency’s Code of Conduct on Pooling & Sharing. Additionally, during the November 2014 Steering Board, Defence Ministers adopted a Policy Framework to foster more systematic and long-term defence cooperation, as mandated by the December 2013 European Council. This aims to provide a coherent basis for defence cooperation in Europe, through in-service support, disposal and decommissioning. It complements the Code of Conduct on Pooling & Sharing whose main objective is to mainstream cooperation into national defence planning.' 

- The European Defence Agency, Pooling & Sharing</blockquote>

<blockquote>'In these times of austerity, each euro, dollar or pound sterling counts. Smart Defence is a cooperative way of thinking about generating the modern defence capabilities that the Alliance needs for the future. In this renewed culture of cooperation, Allies are encouraged to work together to develop, acquire, operate and maintain military capabilities to undertake the Alliance’s essential core tasks agreed in NATO’s Strategic Concept. That means harmonising requirements, pooling and sharing capabilities, setting priorities and coordinating efforts better.'

- NATO, Smart Defence, September 1, 2015</blockquote>


<blockquote>The European Defence Agency

Pooling and sharing: The effort to enhance allied defense capabilities

'..[increase] transatlantic and European cooperation .. collaborate and cooperate further ..ensure open competition..'

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