'Syrian forces recaptured Palmyra from ISIS on Sunday..'

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<blockquote>'Syrian forces recaptured Palmyra from ISIS on Sunday, months after the city fell to the Islamic extremist group, state media reported.

The army, along with militias loyal to the government, seized the city and chased out ISIS fighters, al-Ikhbariya TV reported.'

- Syrian forces capture Palmyra city from ISIS militants, state media report, March 27, 2016</blockquote>

<Blockquote>'So in the end, it was the Syrian army and its Hizballah chums from Lebanon and the Iranians and the Russians who drove the Isis murderers out of Palmyra, and who may .. storm the Isis Syrian 'capital' of Raqqa. I have written many times that the Syrian army will decide the future of Syria..'

- Robert Fisk, Why is David Cameron so silent on the recapture of Palmyra from the clutches of Isis? March 27, 2016</blockquote>

<blockquote>'The lack of morale among Iraqi soldiers .. more support for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, in order to make the Mosul operation more feasible. Another option would be involving the Iraqi Special Operation forces that played a major role in clearing out Ramadi.'

- Wladimir van Wilgenburg, Iraqi Soldiers Flee Again in Iraq Army’s First Mosul Operation, March 26, 2016</blockquote>


<blockquote>Syria army vows to 'end IS' in Raqa, Deir Ezzor after Palmyra win, March 27, 2016

(Syria) - '..a regime that actually fuels .. violent Islamic militancy..'

'..seek the long game at the lowest possible cost.' - Daniel P. Bolger

'..we should find a new way of understanding what happened between 1914 and 1918.'

'..a higher criticism of the Koran .. Christians indulged in this higher criticism of the Bible at the end of the 19th century.'

'..persuade Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites to accept..'</blockquote>