'..the infrastructure program to truly "make America great again."..'

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<blockquote>'..I keep hammering that Trump's administration needs to include US, Canadian and global pensions into the infrastructure program to truly "make America great again."

Trump also needs to carefully consider bolstering Social Security for all Americans and modeling it after the (now enhanced) Canada Pension Plan where money is managed by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. One thing he should not do is follow lousy advice from Wall Street gurus and academics peddling a revolutionary retirement plan which only benefits Wall Street, not Main Street.'

- The Global Pension Storm? November 14, 2016</blockquote>


<blockquote>'America must lead, but mainly by example .. Most importantly, invest the savings to build a secure, dynamic, and prosperous America that others want to emulate.'

'..my proposals amount to a major shift in the tax and incentive structure of the United States..' - John Mauldin

(Global Infrastructure Upgrade) - Mexico's former president: Global infrastructure needs an upgrade

'..to Ban Internal Combustion Engines by 2030'

(Fusion Power) - '..LPP has so far has two out of the three necessary ingredients for successful breakeven..'

'..benefits have been diverted, via money-supply inflation, from workers and savers to the holders of financial assets.'</blockquote>