'..100 percent renewable electricity goal in 2045 .. in a global effort to reinvent our energy system..'

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'World's Most Ambitious Target' to Go 100% Renewables Just Passed the California Senate', June 1, 2017

'Amidst all of the news about climate change, it’s easy to overlook one major cause for optimism: Clean energy is winning. Here in California, renewables have come so far, so fast that we’re breaking our records almost as quickly as we set them. For a few hours in March, we got 50 percent of our state’s electricity from clean energy for the first time. Less than two months later, on May 13, we blew past that milestone, briefly achieving an 80 percent renewable electric grid.

Now, our legislators are preparing to consider whether it’s time for the world’s sixth largest economy to go all the way and set its sights on the clean energy holy grail: a grid powered by nothing but wind, water and sunlight.

On May 1, California Senate leader Kevin de Leon announced Senate Bill 100, which would mandate that California hit its current goal of 50 percent renewable electricity four years early (by 2026 instead of 2030), while also aiming for a new, 100 percent renewable electricity goal in 2045. Initially introduced on the same day that Congress voted in Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, the bill is a symbol of California’s resistance to backwards federal energy policy. More than that, SB 100 is a milestone in a global effort to reinvent our energy system — and an incredible opportunity for California to lead the way in finishing the job.

- Billy Parish, It’s time for 100 percent clean energy for all, June 8, 2017


'..committed to 100 percent clean energy by the year 2050.'

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