(Plastic pollution) - '..PolyGone, into the laundry machine .. It attracts and traps the microfibres..'

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'Every time you wash your fleece jacket or other synthetic clothing, microscopic synthetic fibres are released and end up in our food supply and drinking water.

These microfibres are so small—visible only under a microscope—that they bypass municipal filtration systems and are consumed by fish and other marine life.

A team of women from Waterloo, Ontario is looking to solve that problem. They've designed something that looks a lot like a dryer sheet for your laundry machine. You'd be able to drop this reusable sheet, called PolyGone, into the laundry machine with your dirty clothes. It attracts and traps the microfibres so they can be recycled. They presented their work at the annual AquaHacking conference at the University of Waterloo on Wednesday.'

- We’re Eating Plastics From Our Own Dirty Laundry, September 14, 2017


The plastic inside us, 2017

'..wood burning is the single largest source of hazardous particle pollution during winter, creating even more particle pollution than vehicles and industry.'