'..most are unprepared for the worst bear market ever..'

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'..I expect these weak passive investment returns, as they unfold, to trigger a rather broad crisis of pension underfunding in the years ahead..


We are observing an episode that will make future investors wince. Just like the two closest analogs, the 1929 high and the tech bubble, I expect that future investors will shake their heads in wonder at the stark raving madness of it all, and ask what Wall Street could possibly have been thinking. In any event, I've shared what I see as my truth, and I experience no need to change anyone's mind. I remain content to abide our value-conscious, historically-informed, full-cycle discipline, and to follow our path. Others are free to continue along their own.'

- John P. Hussman, Ph.D., Blissful Delusion, October 2, 2017

' "I wrote a letter last June titled “Can You Afford to Reach 100?” Your answer may well be “Yes;” but, if so, you are one of the few. The World Economic Forum study I cited in that letter looked at six developed countries (the US, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and Canada) and two emerging markets (China and India) and found that by 2050 these countries will face a total savings shortfall of $400 trillion. That’s how much more is needed to ensure that future retirees will receive 70% of their working income. This staggering figure doesn’t even include most of Europe." - John Mauldin


There are some great pension systems in Europe, most notably in the Netherlands where the Dutch pension system is something to be proud of. The same can be said about Denmark where ATP just partnered up with OTPP on an airport deal and even Sweden which has managed to put together a decent pension system where money is run by a few large public pension funds.


It is my contention that all over the world, public and private pensions are going to face hardship in the years ahead as deflation is headed for the US and most are unprepared for the worst bear market ever which will be upon us sooner than we think.'

- Leo Kolivakis, The Global Retirement Reality? October 2, 2017


'..the deranged behavior of central banks..'

'..monetary disorder have badly distorted economic and financial structures..'

'..Bubble Economy Maladjustment – on an unparalleled global scale..'

Financial Hell: 57% in Australia Cannot Afford An Extra $100 if Interest Rates Rise, Stress in Wealthiest Areas, September 30, 2017

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