'Yes this bond bull will end. But when? .. [Lacy Hunt] replied "a little over 20 years".'

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'One Question

I have a simple question: When is the last time such overwhelming consensus on a fundamental economic issue ever been right?

I do not rule out an inflation scare, just as we had in 2008 when crude spiked to $140.

In fact, the above Tweets and articles show it's clear we are in the midst of such a scare right now.


Yes this bond bull will end. But when?

Meanwhile I side with Lacy Hunt.

I asked him today about his average duration. He replied "a little over 20 years".

That's quite a conviction, and quite opposite what the consensus inflationista thinks.'

- Mike Mish Shedlock, The Name is Bond, Long Bond, April 12, 2018


No Inflation In Sight, Say Two Bond Masters - By Jonathan R. Laing

'Central banks in Japan, the U.S. and Europe tried multiple rounds of QE. That none of these programs were any more successful than their predecessors also points to empirical evidenced failure..'

'..A tightening of financial conditions portends Credit problems way beyond energy and mining..'