'..Russia .. What is needed .. a truth commission, like South Africa’s Commission on Truth and Reconciliation..'

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'Satter says at the end of the book “To restore respect for the individual as the foundation for a new beginning, Russia must take an honest look at its past”. I completely agree and hope that this book will contribute to both of these things happening.'

- Dmitry Preobrazhenskyon, (Source, April 12, 2018)

'Chapter 6 turns from history to the future, asking what is Russia’s fate. Unfortunately, the answer is grim. “Russia faces a darkening future.” What is needed, Satter believes, is “a truth commission, like South Africa’s Commission on Truth and Reconciliation, that is able to examine dispassionately the crimes of postcommunist regimes and make then known to the Russian people.” Given the violence that Satter argues the Russian state has been willing so far to perpetrate against its own people to ensure its own survival, however, how likely is such a commission to come about?'

- George P. Wood (Source, July 13, 2016)


'The question of who is to blame .. for the estrangement between .. Moscow and the West, seems to me to be the wrong question.'

'..Zero tolerance for Russian intrusions..' - '..need to “dismantle” spying networks and prevent other illegal activities by Russia..'

(Russia) - '..the wounds inflicted by the Soviet experiment have never healed..'