'..authorizing the president to respond with military force if China attacks Taiwan.'

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'..Joseph Wu, the foreign minister of the island’s democratic government, warned on July 22 that China "may look for excuses to start a war or conflict" after it suddenly stepped up incursions into Taiwan's air defense identification zone, raising the risk of a collision that could escalate. "What China is doing now is continuing to ramp up preparedness to solve the Taiwan issue," Wu said. "We are very concerned that China will target Taiwan now that the Hong Kong security law's been passed."


..authorizing the president to respond with military force if China attacks Taiwan.


The difficulties of unifying under that system were made evident in July. After China imposed the national security law in Hong Kong, the government tried to force senior Taiwanese officials at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office to sign a "one China" pledge that recognizes Beijing's sovereignty over the island. The officials refused and returned to Taiwan, and it's uncertain whether the office will stay open..'

- China's Xi Sets His Sights on Taiwan After Subduing Hong Kong, July 30, 2020

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