(EU)(2021-2030) - '..net-zero emissions..' - '..to End Combustion-Engine Era in Autos.'

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'The European Union is set to propose all new cars sold from 2035 should have zero emissions, as part of an unprecedented plan to align its economy with more ambitious climate targets.


To help the massive roll-out of electric vehicles, a regulation on alternative fuels will require member states to ensure electric charging points are installed every 60 kilometers (37 miles) on major highways. Hydrogen refueling points would have to be available at the maximum interval of 150 kilometers.'

- ..to End Combustion-Engine Era in Autos, July 9, 2021


(IEA)(EU)(2021-2030) - '..net-zero emissions..' - 'Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil'