Middle East prepares for the US to exit Syria

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'Nevertheless, after a decade of conflict, Gulf Arab states are seeking ways to develop an Arab solution to the war and, by doing so, bring Syria back into the so-called ‘Arab fold’..

..Gulf Arab state efforts to rebuild relations with the Syrian government should be seen in that light. They are an attempt to reestablish and cultivate working relations after a ten-year hiatus, but this time, they will be more transactional.

Gone are the days when Gulf Arab states would simply turn up to regional crises with an open checkbook; that approach failed miserably multiple times, including in Lebanon and Iraq, as Gulf Arab nations were outpaced and outmaneuvered by regional competitors such as Iran. Indeed, there is little appetite among Gulf Arab states to fund the reconstruction of the country without assurances their political interests are met in full.


The Gulf Arab states will continue to preposition themselves at different paces and in ways that are consistent with existing sanctions on Syria ahead of a political settlement in the country. The question of when such a settlement comes will depend on the US. Given Biden’s hard-nosed realism in Afghanistan, it is easy to imagine the president concluding troops in northeast Syria do not serve US interests.

The debacle of the US exit from Kabul and its sheer inhumanity may persuade Biden, however, that reaching a deal with Russia is better than simply walking away and abandoning its allies in Syria. Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin can kick-start a deal where Russia accepts the formation of a transitional government ‘composed of elements of the current regime – but from outside the Assad family – and elements of various opposition groups and civil society’.

In return, Russia gains international recognition of its interests in Syria as well as a continuation of its political and military sway in the country. That would be enough for the Gulf Arab states, all of whom are well disposed to Moscow, to normalize relations with Syria and capitalize on the steps already taken, even as it means Kuwait and Qatar will be forced to play catch-up.'

- Middle East prepares for the US to exit Syria, September 2, 2021


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