(Complete withdrawal from Ukraine (Crimea and the Donbas))(Russian mutiny, desertion) - '.."major manpower problems" for Russian forces.'

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'The alleged mutiny echoes the famous rebellion by the crew of the battleship Potemkin in the same area in 1905.'

- Russian marines ‘MUTINY on warship and refuse to fight in Ukraine’ fuelling hopes of anti-Putin unrest, reports claim, March 1, 2022

'"I think that they [the Russians] are running out of time, ammunition and manpower," General Ben Hodges, who formerly commanded the U.S. Army in Europe, told CBS News. "I based my assessment on open source information and my own experience, so of course I could be off… but I think I won't be too far off," he said.

Hodges said "reports of low morale, dissension between commanders, mutiny on at least one vessel, desertion etc. — all within the first two weeks," were "indicators of major manpower problems" for Russian forces.

Former White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster, a foreign policy and national security contributor for CBS News, said Putin and his military were becoming increasingly "desperate."

"What you're seeing is that Russia is really getting desperate — not only with this action to try to interdict the supply routes, but also with trying to lay the groundwork for, maybe, the use of chemical weapons, which is concerning," McMaster said.

"This is a real sign of weakness. I think Russia — and Putin, in particular — is in real trouble."'

- CBS News (Source, March 14, 2022)

Context '..it feels that Russia and its army are about to collapse .. Ukraine has eliminated Russian ground forces..'

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