'Putin .. almost certainly is the worst ruler imaginable.'

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'..the (frankly bizarre) discussion that has been raging since February 24, 2022 – over whether someone worse than Putin would take over if he fell from power. This discussion is one of the regular tropes that has been used to warn against pressing Russia too much in Ukraine – as if pushing Putin out of power would result in someone or something worse.

This discussion has never made sense to me for a number of reasons. For starters, the answer is more than likely ‘no’. It’s also based on a strange notion of warfighting – the desire to overly control or micromanage events. It needs to stop now.


First, it would be really hard to be ‘worse’ than Putin. He is the person who choose over all others to launch this monstrous war in the first place. He is a bloodthirsty, expansionist dictator who regularly voices culturally genocidal ideas and is willing to slaughter hundreds of thousands (and millions if need be) to achieve his goals. This war was his choice, it did not have to happen and indeed many parts of the Russian state seemed terrified about it.


Once again, the best thing the US and other supporters of Ukraine can do is help Ukraine win the war as quickly and fully as possible. It will save the most lives and help people around the world. The idea that a Ukrainian victory should be delayed because of a fear of replacing Putin is probably the worst idea out there. As the killing of Prigozhin indicates, he almost certainly is the worst ruler imaginable.

- Phillips O'Brien, There’s no worse alternative to Putin, August 26, 2023


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