(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - '..The more that Western allies prioritize long-range weapons, the more Ukraine can wear down Russian resistance..'

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“The chancellor must end his blockade of Taurus delivery,” said senior Green Party Member, Anton Hofreiter. “Hesitation and technical excuses contribute to strengthening Vladimir Putin’s belief that he can still win, and this prolongs the war.”

- Source, September 27, 2023

'Helping Ukraine win the war as quickly as possible is imperative..'

'Only when the United Kingdom supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles, which typically are fired from aircraft and have a range of more than 150 miles, and France followed with SCALP missiles (its version of the same weapons system) could Ukraine begin hitting high-value targets—bridges, supply depots, anti-aircraft systems—deep in Russian-occupied areas, including Crimea. The most consequential attacks have been on the Russian navy base in Sevastopol. Using just a handful of the British and French missiles, the Ukrainians have destroyed two major Russian warships, including a new Kilo-class submarine that the Russians have used to fire on Ukraine, and seriously damaged the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet itself. Yet the U.K. and France have a modest supply of the missiles. Ukraine has already fired approximately 100 of them, by some estimates, and needs to be very particular about when and where it uses any others.

In retrospect, Russia’s most successful campaign of the war has been what could be called its “great escalation bluff.” Perhaps because the Russians realize how vulnerable they are to long-range fire, they have always implied that giving Ukraine greater reach could lead to a broadening of hostilities, even a nuclear response. As the muted reaction to the attacks on Sevastopol in September has shown, this rhetoric was empty—a desperate ploy to dissuade the West from properly arming Ukraine.


Helping Ukraine win the war as quickly as possible is imperative. It’s also the best way to limit future destruction and casualties .. The more that Western allies prioritize long-range weapons, the more Ukraine can wear down Russian resistance and take back its own territory.'

- Phillips Payson O’Brien, The West Armed Ukraine for a Caricature of Modern War, October 5, 2023


'What are Ukraine's borders? .. they’re internationally recognized and defined in 1991.' - Navalny

(Ukraine needs ATACMs) - 'Ukraine needs to largest number of effective ranged systems that we can give it..'

'..European militaries to start thinking about how they, alone, could defend Europe against Russian aggression..'