'We should not be scared of Russia's collapse .. Prepare for it..'

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'We should not be scared of Russia's collapse. Instead we should accelerate it by helping Ukraine regain its full sovereignty. Russia can become a normal country, living within its own borders. European security will be better for decades. Prepare for it, don't be scared of it.'

- Ben Hodges (Source, May 4, 2024)

'It’s absurd many Western political leaders refuse to state the obvious, that the downfall of dictators is a worthy goal, especially when they are attacking your interests and the global order. Putin supports dictators & terror regimes around the world.'

- Garry Kasparov (Source, May 5, 2024)


(Ukraine) - “‘We’re going to do what it takes’. That’s a statement of a strategic aim that then allows the development of a policy.”

Europe - but not NATO - should send troops to Ukraine

(China, Russland und die AfD ) - '..the .. AfD not only takes money from Russia and China .. the AfD is under full control of Moscow.'