'..Cutting the Defense Budget and Reconfiguring the U.S. Military.'

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<blockquote>'Finally, it is high time the armed forces consolidated the single-service war colleges into one integrated national defense college. At the same time, Congress should implement a merit-based selection system that requires examinations for entry, as well as graduation. Military education is expensive -- and officers should be held accountable for their performance in it. This action would also set the tone for a much-needed reform movement to hold officers accountable across a range of military activities. Joint professional military education should not be a "check the box" exercise or an opportunity to lower one's golf handicap. It should prepare future senior military leaders and weed out those who are intellectually and professionally incapable of meeting the challenge to perform.'

- Douglas Macgregor, A Radical Plan for Cutting the Defense Budget and Reconfiguring the U.S. Military (Total savings: $279.5 billion,) April 26, 2011 (extra)</blockquote>