Crossing the Rubicon - Iran 'manages' Syrian crackdown

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Crossing the Rubicon.

<blockquote>'The size of the Iranian contingent in Syria is not known but the number of advisers has grown steadily in recent weeks despite US warnings, the officials said.


Iran's engagement in the Syrian crackdown reflects anxiety in Tehran..'

- Iran plays an increasing role in Syrian crackdown, May 30, 2011</blockquote>

*** Crossing the Rubicon, the Change

<blockquote>(Europe: Libya)

(USA, France & Russia: Syria and Iran)

(Eurasia Defense: Germany, Turkey and Russia*)

(Planetary Defense: Europe, USA, Russia, India, China, Brazil and Japan)

(Modernization of industry of: USA, Russia, Africa, UK, Italy, Spain by: Germany, Scandinavia and the Netherlands [1])

(Monitoring Electric Planetary Phenomena (MEPP)**: Australia, South-Africa, Chili, Norway, Sweden and Canada (as collecting data centres and solar***/planetary rescue operations****)</blockquote>


<blockquote>To move towards: (Peace) '..weapons development .. a peaceful or nonweapons application..'

and: '..to promote saving and capital accumulation.'</blockquote>


[1] (Yes Uncle Sam, you are slacking.) Desertec blueprint. 'Energy is available in abundance and we have the technology to use it.'

Desertec and smart grid are the first fundamental energy backbone concepts to power up the plasma energy concepts like: the Levitated Dipole eXperiment (LDX). LDX is the beginning of upgrading the first energy backbone, thereby becoming the second fundamental energy backbone concept. They are all fundamental in nature, providing the electrical power for human civilization for centuries to come.

Use Open Core Development concept.

* 'The Russian military has also long been in need of modernisation .. Mr Sarkozy added the deal was evidence the Cold War was far in the past and Russia should be considered a friend.'

- France and Russia strike Mistral warship deal, 26 May 11 (Context: '..Reconfiguring the U.S. Military.')

** Weather (tornado's etc.), earthquakes (tsunami), it concerns Earth's electrical interaction in the electric solar system (map the data, share the data, send the data to North-South America, Asia, Eurasia, Africa.)

*** Space environment rescue operations.

**** What to do when there is a nuclear spillover? Or when the Three Gorges dam breaks? Etc.