Asia's peace - '..open an office for the Taliban in Doha, Qatar..'

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<blockquote>'..open an office for the Taliban in Doha, Qatar so that talks between all sides can continue in a more permanent manner.'

- Afghan peace.., 4 December 2011</blockquote>

Context 'Electric star['s] .. genesis resides in the electric currents induced in moving plasma..'

<blockquote>'..Asia’s peace'

'Ron Paul .. he is averse to war, as are his countrymen.'

The Third Industrial Revolution has begun (1)

'..[there] will emerge a new global economy that is stronger and healthier, provides better living standards..'

..Masdar City - International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

'Solar power .. made genuine progress towards a more sustainable energy future..' - Martin Hutchinson</blockquote>