'..to promote the Open Web and openness in general .. open source thrives on challenges..'

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'..to defend freedom and openness..'

'But that raises a broader question: what should the rest of the free software world be doing to defend freedom and openness from SOPA and its ilk? For, rest assured, even if SOPA is defeated – no certain thing given the lobbying by the copyright industries – similar bills will inevitably follow in the US.

Just as bad are the knock-on effects of SOPA. The very fact that the US is seeking to bring in laws that will allow arbitrary censorship of foreign sites without due process has, at a stroke, effectively legitimised what has been going on for years in places like China, which uses what is generally called the "Great Firewall of China" to block unwanted foreign services and content. What little moral high ground the West might once have had is now gone, which means that countries with state surveillance already in place are likely to tighten the screws yet further.'

- Glyn Moody, What should free software do in 2012? 3 January 2012 ('YaCy is a free search engine that anyone can use to build a search portal for their intranet or to help search the public internet.')


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Banking Reform - '..ethics in particular .. absolute principle of ethics..'

'..fiat inflation is a powerhouse of social, economic, cultural, and spiritual destruction.' - Jörg Guido Hülsmann

'Ethical problems of production .. the production of money.'