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'The cumulative effect of such widespread ignorance..'

'That level of ignorance is compounded by the absence of informative international reporting readily accessible to the public. With the exception of perhaps five major newspapers, local press and American TV provides very limited news coverage about world affairs, except for ad hoc coverage of sensational or catastrophic events. What passes for news tends to be trivia or human-interest stories.

The cumulative effect of such widespread ignorance makes the public more susceptible to demagogically stimulated fear, especially when aroused by a terrorist attack. That, in turn, increases the probability of self-destructive foreign policy initiatives.'

- Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Waning of the American Dream, February 28, 2012

'(The Constitution established a republic. The Founders rejected democracy because it didn't protect the individual from the tyranny of the majority.)'

'The U.S. Constitution was subverted in the wars against Mexico, Spain and Germany. Yes, Congress declared war in the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War and World War I. But the legitimacy of the congressional declaration was undermined by Presidential lies:

Americans weren't attacked on American soil, as President Polk claimed. In fact, volunteer American soldiers were attacked on Mexican soil.

The Spanish didn't sink our ship in Havana, as President McKinley claimed.

The Germans sunk our ship, but President Wilson didn't mention the American guns on board which violated our declared neutrality. Wilson's Secretary of State resigned in protest.

Each of these presidential lies was an impeachable offense. There were no impeachment proceedings. We just looked the other way.

These three wars of choice redefined American exceptionalism into something very different from what the Founders intended. We were no longer exceptional because of our unique form of government. The federal government no longer existed to protect the sovereignty of the individual.

The government now existed to promote democracy abroad. Never mind that the American republic was never a democracy. (The Constitution established a republic. The Founders rejected democracy because it didn't protect the individual from the tyranny of the majority.)


The solutions to yesterday's problems create today's problems. We live with the choices made by those who went before us. Looking back, Woodrow Wilson was the worst President in American history: His intervention in the First World War was the equivalent of a European power coming to the United States during the Civil War and saying South wins, North loses.'

- Is The United States An Accidental Empire? May 04, 2012

Context ‘Why did Strong pursue a policy that now can seem only heedless, dangerous, and recklessly extravagant?’ - Rothbard (Affectivity, Action, Electricity)

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