(Open Source) - Linus Torvalds

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<blockquote>'But really, the whole "tit-for-tat" model isn't just fair on an individual scale, it's fair on a company scale, and it's fair on a global scale.

Once people and companies got over their hang-ups - renaming it "open source" and just making it clear that this was not some kind of anti-commercial endeavour definitely helped - things just kind of exploded.

And the thing is, if your competition doesn't put in the same kind of effort that you do, then they can't reap the same kinds of rewards you can: if they don't contribute, they don't get to control the direction of the project, and they won't have the same kind of knowledge and understanding of it that you do.'

- Linus Torvalds, BBC (..Linux succeeded thanks to selfishness and trust, 13 June 2012)</blockquote>


<blockquote>(In The Electric Universe) Open Source Infrastructure, beginning of the Enterprise Nervous System (ENS)</blockquote>