(NASA) - The Electric Atmosphere: Plasma Is Next NASA Science Target

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<blockquote>'Our day-to-day lives exist in what physicists would call an electrically neutral environment. Desks, books, chairs and bodies don't generally carry electricity and they don't stick to magnets. But life on Earth is substantially different from, well, almost everywhere else. Beyond Earth's protective atmosphere and extending all the way through interplanetary space, electrified particles dominate the scene. Indeed, 99% of the universe is made of this electrified gas, known as plasma.


While the most immediate practical need for studying the radiation belts is to understand the space weather system near Earth and to protect humans and precious electronics in space from geomagnetic storms, there is another reason scientists are interested in this area. It is the closest place to study the material, plasma, that pervades the entire universe. Understanding this environment so foreign to our own is crucial to understanding the make up of every star and galaxy in outer space.'

- NASA, The Electric Atmosphere: Plasma Is Next NASA Science Target, July 18, 2012</blockquote>

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<blockquote>Plasma Physics' Answer to New Cosmological Questions, March 16, 2009

- Source: <a href="[www.plasma-universe.com] Scott's presentation at NASA</a></blockquote>

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<blockquote>(Plasma Universe) - NASA Conference Publication 2469 - Double Layers in Astrophysics

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- <a href="[en.wikipedia.org] (physics) - Magnetic moments</a> (Thunderbolts Forum - The Electric Atmosphere: Plasma Is Next NASA Science Target)

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