'..we are restructuring the SM-3 IIB program.' - Chuck Hagel

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<blockquote>'..the United States armed force–Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines–will be reduced by half.'

- Joseph McMoneagle ((Peace) '..weapons development .. a peaceful or nonweapons application..')</blockquote>

<blockquote>'And fourth, we are restructuring the SM-3 IIB program.'

- Missile Defense Announcement, March 15, 2013</blockquote>


<blockquote>(Earth Defence - Earth Shield) - PACOM supports China invite to RIMPAC 2014 “They are going to have to come out behind their walls.”

(Earth Defence - Earth Shield) - The Electric Universe: Stellar Atmospheric Function In Regulation Experiment (SAFIRE)

BOB JOHNSON: The Electric Sun Revisited | EU 2013</blockquote></blockquote>