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'If it's not just universities that face extinction, but university lectures too, is it time to rethink the way academics teach in universities? How do lecturers now see their role in higher education? And what do they think is the teaching model of the future?

We've already seen a major shift in the landscape with the creation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) both overseas – Coursera, Udacity and edX – and in the UK – FutureLearn – providing thousands of free online courses for anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection.'

- Do teaching models in higher education need reinventing? 2013

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'New learning institutions are forming, many for profit. It seems unlikely that universities will be successful in this competition. This appears to be the source of Peter Drucker's business-based prediction that universities will die within thirty years. So far, Drucker's prediction seems reasonable.'

– Alfred Bork (Context: Learning - Spontaneous, Complexity, Electricity - The Unique Individual)

'The future of philanthropy lies in joining the wave of open source peer-production that is enriching public assets, says Mark Surman.'

- Philanthropy on the commons

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