(Radio Astronomy) - 'UK Steps Up the Search for Alien Life'

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<blockquote>'..brings us closer of becoming a spacefaring civilization..'

- Classic (Original) Introduction (Begin)</blockquote>

<blockquote>'It's early days for this new SETI work at Jodrell but we think that using e-MERLIN, and future facilities such as the Square Kilometre Array, we could make an important contribution to the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe."

- O'Brien (UK Steps Up the Search for Alien Life, Jul 06, 2013)</blockquote>

Context The Future of Humanity Institute

<blockquote>NASA Astrobiology

(Earth Defence - Earth Shield) - Faraday - Tesla - 'The Accelerating Winds of Venus.' (Electric Universe - Solar Climate Change)



'UFO expert and journalism lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, Dr David Clarke, said the documents would shed new light on relatively little-known sightings.'

- BBC (Source, 2008)</blockquote>