(Earth Defence - Earth Shield) - USS Zumwalt - '..more in common with the fictional starship USS Enterprise's bridge..'

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'..electromagnetic shielding..'

<blockquote>'..the operations center of the Zumwalt will have more in common with the fictional starship USS Enterprise's bridge than it does with the combat information centers of the ships I went to sea on. Every console on the Zumwalt will be equipped with touch screens and software capable of taking on the needs of any operator on duty, and big screens on the forward bulkhead will display tactical plots of sea, air, and land.


The design of the Zumwalt solves that problem by using off-the-shelf hardware—mostly IBM blade servers running Red Hat Linux—and putting it in a ruggedized server room. Those ruggedized server rooms are called Electronic Modular Enclosures (EMEs), sixteen self-contained, mini data centers built by Raytheon.


Each EME has its own shock and vibration damping, power protection, water cooling systems, and electromagnetic shielding..'

- Sean Gallagher, The Navy’s newest warship is powered by Linux, Oct 18 2013</blockquote>


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