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'..Dr. Clarage is currently a lead scientist with the SAFIRE Project.'

<blockquote>'SAFIRE: Understanding the Electric Sun Models

SAFIRE is an experiment to explore possible electrical attributes of the Sun. The project will first consider the model of the Electric Sun (ES), as put forward by Wal Thornhill, Don Scott, and Ralph Juergens. The ES model suggests: 1) That all stars, the Sun included, are electrical in nature and exist in a galactic electrical environment; 2) Some of the physical attributes of the Sun and its Corona are not explicable through the standard fusion model originated by Hans Bethe in 1938; and 3) Many of these anomalous Solar attributes can be explained by assuming the Sun is at different electrical potential than its surroundings.

The basic approach is to create an environment as similar as possible to the conditions of the Sun and to assumed conditions of the ES model. Known anomalous characteristics of the Sun and Corona can then be correlated with measurements from SAFIRE. It is also possible that the project could dispel some long-held assumptions of mainstream Solar Physics, such as “Electric fields do not exist in Coronal plasmas,” or “Magnetic fields can exist in the vacuum of space without corresponding electric fields.”

Dr. Clarage received his PhD in physics in 1992 from Brandeis University, studying the biological and statistical behavior of proteins. Prior to that, he spent several years studying binary pulsars at the Arecibo radio telescope. With his brother, he gave traveling lectures about their discoveries in the areas of fractional calculus, fractals, and chaotic systems. Over the past 15 years, he has presented public lectures on such topics as Relativity and Dimensions, Metaphysics in Biology, Transformation in Supernova and Metamorphosis in Biology. Dr. Clarage is currently a lead scientist with the SAFIRE Project.'

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