Focus Fusion - From the old Hydro-Carbon world to the new clean Hydro-Boron one.

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'If we can get fusion off the ground, it will be worth every penny!'

- Kennita Watson

'In addition to exploring space fusion could be used to deflect asteroids and comets.'

- Scott Rowe

'It will be interesting to see the impact/relationship of a new novel energy market (Hydro-Boron) and the old one (Hydro-Carbon). It may very well be possible to reverse any and all environmental impact by leveraging the new market to help power the systems needed to accomplish the reversal. Fresh water production/distribution, biomass agricultural processes for carbon sequestration. These things get within reach with a new separate energy market.'

- Thomas Jones

<a href="[www.indiegogo.com];, FOCUS FUSION: emPOWERtheWORLD


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