'..Russia suffers from a dire shortage of qualified doctors and modern, well-equipped medical facilities.'

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'In Samara, there isn't a single PET to be seen.'

<blockquote>'..Russia suffers from a dire shortage of qualified doctors and modern, well-equipped medical facilities.


Some of the most stinging criticism of Godolets' remarks so far has come from Anton Buslov, a prominent blogger who recently beat cancer after receiving treatment in the United States after Russian doctors declared him incurable and sent him home to die.

"I was cured in the United States," he wrote in an open letter to Golodets. "I'm alive, this is why I decided to write to you."


Buslov, 30, was diagnosed in 2011 with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.

He traveled from his home city of Samara, 850 kilometers southeast of Moscow, to undergo treatment at the Blokhin Cancer Research Center, one of Russia's top cancer clinics.

But in 2012, after a grueling treatment riddled with medical red tape, long hospital queues, and a shortage of drugs, he was told he could not be cured and would succumb to the disease within two years.


Buslov laments the poor medical equipment in use at Russian clinics, saying much of it is so outdated it "has its place in the Polytechnic museum."

Patients, he says, must wait weeks for a PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan, an indispensable procedure to accurately diagnose and monitor treatment for a range of cancers.

"And this is in Moscow," he says. "In Samara, there isn't a single PET to be seen."


The list of Buslov's grievances is long.

But to his own surprise, Golodets did answer his letter.

In fact, she even called him on the phone.

The blogger said Golodets assured him that she was working on the problems raised in his letter..'

- In Russia, A Blogger And Cancer Survivor Counters Efforts To Restrict Treatment Abroad, June 11, 2014</blockquote>


<blockquote>'Serious economic and social issues across Russia continue to be ignored in Moscow.'

'..war crimes indictments of Syrian government officials and rebels..'

(To Heal) - 'There's no good reason for medical technology to be this outdated.'</blockquote>