'..Russia .. Fresh Sanctions..' - '..the Rise of Organizational Democracy.'

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'..squeezing Russia’s $2 trillion economy.'

<blockquote>'The Obama administration imposed sanctions on large Russian banks, energy companies and defense firms, the latest escalation in the confrontation over Ukraine and one aimed at squeezing Russia’s $2 trillion economy.'

- Margaret Talev and Indira A.R. Lakshmanan, U.S. Hits Russia With Fresh Sanctions on Banking, Energy, July 16, 2014</blockquote>

'..recruited in Moscow in May to fight in eastern Ukraine.'

<blockquote>'Artur Gasparyan, a 24-year-old native of Spitak, Armenia, was recruited in Moscow in May to fight in eastern Ukraine. Now back in the Russian capital, he spoke with Mumin Shakirov of RFE/RL's Russian Service (see original in Russian here) in detail about his experiences.'

- Interview: I Was A Separatist Fighter In Ukraine, July 13, 2014 </blockquote>

'..Russia of supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine with military hardware..'

<blockquote>'The United States has accused Russia of supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine with military hardware, including tanks.'

- U.S. Says Moscow Giving Ukraine Rebels Weapons, July 15, 2014</blockquote>

'..to block loans for new projects in Russia..'

<blockquote>'European Union leaders will work to block loans for new projects in Russia by two multilateral lenders and broaden the scope of other sanctions in response to Moscow's actions in Ukraine.'

- Draft Statement Says EU Will Work To Block New Loans To Russia, July 16, 2014</blockquote>


<blockquote>'..Novodvorskaya .. prescription for healing Russia..'

'..Russia .. continued to escalate tensions..'

(Management innovation) - The End of Management and the Rise of Organizational Democracy

'..50 percent of the power used by the Navy and Marines come from renewable energy sources by 2020.'

(Green Energy Mix) - Biofuel: '..a 10,000 acre Joule plant will produce a reserve value of 50 million barrels, equaling a medium-sized oil field.'

Focus Fusion - From the old Hydro-Carbon world to the new clean Hydro-Boron one.</blockquote>