'..modern societies have not fully taken on board the lessons of the Holocaust..'

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<blockquote>'Bauman's most famous book, Modernity and the Holocaust, is an attempt to give a full account of the dangers of these kinds of fears. Drawing upon Hannah Arendt and Theodor Adorno's books on totalitarianism and the Enlightenment, Bauman developed the argument that the Holocaust should not simply be considered to be an event in Jewish history, nor a regression to pre-modern barbarism. Rather, he argued, the Holocaust should be seen as deeply connected to modernity and its order-making efforts. Procedural rationality, the division of labour into smaller and smaller tasks, the taxonomic categorisation of different species, and the tendency to view rule-following as morally good all played their role in the Holocaust coming to pass. And he argued that for this reason modern societies have not fully taken on board the lessons of the Holocaust; it is generally viewed—to use Bauman's metaphor—like a picture hanging on a wall, offering few lessons.'

- Wikipedia, Zygmunt Bauman</blockquote>

<blockquote>'In the fall of 1919, von Mises wrote his most famous essay, on "economic calculation in the socialist commonwealth." He argued that a socialist leadership lacked the essential tool for the rational allocation of resources--economic calculation--and that only the money prices of a capitalist economy make it possible to compare alternative investment projects in terms of a common unit. Two years later he published a treatise on socialism (Die Gemeinwirtschaft, 1922), which had a decisive impact on a whole generation of rising intellectual leaders--men such as F. A. Hayek and Wilhelm Röpke, who after World War II would lead the nascent neoliberal movement.'

- Jörg Guido Hülsmann, Who was Ludwig von Mises?</blockquote>



Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth

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(To Heal)(Reinventing Organizations) - '..news about what happening in the space of organizations going Teal.'</blockquote>