'Trees are the best known ‘technology’ to cool our planet'

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<blockquote>'Trees are the best known ‘technology’ to cool our planet .. We need to stop cutting our trees and accelerate reforestation.'

- WeForest</blockquote>

<blockquote>'Reforestation does offer a great deal of promise for confronting climate change, but more so in the long run. Perhaps the biggest difficulty with reforestation as a strategy is simply that it takes so much time to reap the benefits for global warming. If you plant a seedling today, it will take several decades to get the same carbon sequestration benefits we get from mature trees in tropical forests. So, in the short and medium term, reforestation cannot offer nearly as much benefit as limiting deforestation in the first place.


..reforestation does hold real promise for confronting global warming, even though job one remains reducing deforestation now. Most people feel good about planting a tree—and they should—but those efforts can’t replace our overriding need to work to protect the forests that are already there and prevent them from being destroyed.'

- Would a Large-scale Reforestation Effort Help Counter the Global Warming Impacts of Deforestation? September 2012</blockquote>


<blockquote>Global Forest Watch (Tracking Global Deforestation (and Reforestation))

Reforestation & Avoided Deforestation Projects