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(Peace) - '..Sadly, my generation had to relearn the lessons of Vietnam in Iraq and Afghanistan .. to do everything in our power to avoid more wars..'

111/26/2020 07:04PM
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SSAB is taking the lead. First in fossil-free steel. Using HYBRIT Technology

111/18/2020 07:30PM
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Zero Emission Transportation Association or ZETA

111/18/2020 07:07PM
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(Global) - '..outlaw the sale of new gas and diesel-powered vehicles [by 2030]..'

111/16/2020 09:57PM
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(Ethics) - '..fighting corruption, defending against authoritarianism, and advancing human rights .. strengthening .. our middle class. .. It is past time to end the forever wars .. zero emissions by 2050 .. liberty.' - Biden

111/09/2020 07:23PM
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(Electric Universe) - '..powerful electric currents flow in extra-galactic jets and that the jets themselves are “fundamentally electromagnetic structures.”..'

109/28/2020 06:37AM
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(Electric Universe) - '..the legislation on Fusion Energy Research and Development passed..'

109/28/2020 06:32AM
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For Freedom, Justice, and Love - '..Chinese people learned about freedom, rule of law, human rights, and civil society. In some places, they found ways to practice democracy and freedom..'

109/19/2020 10:38AM
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U.N. experts decry Hong Kong security law in open letter to China

109/18/2020 08:36AM
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Dear Chairman Xi, It’s Time for You to Go - By Xu Zhiyong, '..What China needs above all other things is Freedom!'

109/17/2020 08:31AM
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(War)(The threat to world order is China) - '..rigorous analysis of Chinese political warfare and a warning of its effects on democracy.' - ..‘Insidious Power: How China Undermines Global Democracy’

109/14/2020 08:23AM
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