(Electric Universe) - SAFIRE - '..to do what has never been done before – build a [miniature] sun on Earth..'

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'SAFIRE is the story of a small group of engineers, scientists and scholars who attempt to do what has never been done before – build a sun on Earth, a miniature but perfectly functioning replica of the sun in the sky.

If the premise underlying the SAFIRE project proves correct it will open wide the floodgates to countless new streams of scientific enquiry.'

- SAFIRE film

'SAFIRE’s mission is to explore the role of electricity in stellar and planetary phenomena.'

- SAFIRE Project

'The Safire Project is a laboratory-based experiments to "explore the role of electricity in stellar and planetary phenomena", in particular the Electric Sun theory.<a href="[www.electricuniverse.info];[1]</a> Based on a "Design of Experiments" approach, and using a SCADA control system, Safire focuses primarily on observation and experimentation, instead of theory and simulations.<a href="[www.electricuniverse.info];[2]</a> Experimentation takes place in a large vacuum chamber, that has also been described as "A Star in a Jar". The wide variety of data generated by the chamber allows a comparison with data retrieved from the Sun, that is more than just a visual comparison. SAFIRE is an acronym for "Stellar Atmospheric Function in Regulation Experiment". '

- Information Safire Project


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