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'$956,125 raised from 456 investors, Successfully Funded on May 1 2018.'

- Wefunder.com/lppfusion

'We have the technology to break our world's reliance on fossil energy, as we're on a near-term path to achieving practical nuclear fusion energy at a low enough cost to replace all fossil-fuel-based energy sources.'

- Context: LPPFusion - '..the filaments that we are using in our fusion device also control the formation of structures in the universe.'

'A dozen private fusion companies, including LPPFusion have joined together in an alliance to promote fusion and to try to get government funding for a broad-based approach to fusion. The new alliance consists of a few cooperating organizations—the American Fusion Project (AFP), which seeks to educate the public about the benefits of fusion energy and the main alternative route to get there; the Fusion Industry Association, which seeks to educate Congress and the Federal government generally about the need to diversify and increase fusion funding; and the Fusion Consortium, which is seeking an XPrize for fusion. In addition to LPPFusion, which just joined the initiative, other companies in the alliance include General Fusion, TAE (formerly Tri-Alpha), Tokamak Fusion, Hyperjet Fusion, CTFusion, EMC2, MIFTE, Commonwealth Fusion and Compact Fusion. Los Alamos National Laboratory and University of Alabama are also members.

The AFP came out of an initiative by the American Security Project, a non-partisan organization that has long advocated fusion energy research as a key part of ensuring future energy security. The Fusion Industry Association has been emerging since the fall of last year and is now actively advocating in Congress with the goals of promoting regulatory certainty, and redirecting government financial support. The Fusion Consortium, which is independent of the other two groups but cooperates with them and has overlapping membership, is aimed at starting the fairly complex and costly process of going to the XPrize organization to establish a prize, perhaps $100 million, for the first company to achieve net energy from fusion.'

- New Fusion Industry Alliance Formed, March 29, 2018

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