'Nissan .. began production .. electric [vehicles]..' - '..Europe .. an upsurge in electric offerings..'

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'Nissan's first electric sedan designed for China began production Monday at the start of a wave of dozens of planned lower-cost electrics being created by global automakers for their biggest market.

Manufacturers including General Motors and Volkswagen are poised this year to launch a flood of electric sedans, minivans and SUVs in China designed for local tastes and smaller budgets. Nissan, Tesla, GM and others sell imported electrics or electrified versions of models made by Chinese partners, but the market is dominated by low-cost local rivals including BYD Auto.'

- Nissan launches China-focused electric car, August 7, 2018

'European carmakers are rolling out electric vehicles like the ones on view this week at the Paris Motor Show to burnish their reputations as technology leaders and to compete with Tesla. But also because EU regulations don't leave them much choice.

New emission standards mean Europe will soon see an upsurge in electric offerings, outpacing the United States, where the regulatory push has eased under the Trump administration, but still likely lagging China, where the government is mandating more e-cars.'

- David Mchugh, Climate goals mean Europe will overtake US in electric cars, October 2, 2018


'..integrating solar modules into the bodywork.'

California aims to be entirely green powered by 2045..

'..to stop burning fossil fuels by the middle of this century .. planting trees, protecting forests..'