(Electric Universe - SAFIRE - 2019) - 'All the evidence to date points to electricity as the primal force in nature.'

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'All the evidence to date points to electricity as the primal force in nature.' (minute 45:41)

'At every step of the way, the Electric Sun model's predictions proved accurate.' (45:01)

'For the immediate future, we are focused primarily on clean energy generation. We have already designed a prototype energy generator.' (38:56)

'Elemental transmutation occurs both in nature and in the laboratory and is not a new phenomenon. Studies done at MIT have shown that when radioactive waste is exposed to hydrogen isotope nuclei, the observer decay rate of the radioactive material is effectively increased. SAFIRE produces copious amounts of hydrogen nuclei that interact with other elements, creating self-organizing spherical plasma double layer shells. Within these shells, electrons, ions, and molecules, are trapped by powerful electromagnetic fields. This is where radioactive material would be exposed to the hydrogen nuclei to remediate the radioactivity of that material.' (41:13)


(Electric Universe) - Don Scott: A Transistor Analogy of The Sun's Surface | Lecture

Electric currents create magnetic fields in the Sun - By Prof. Donald E. Scott

'Charles E. R. Bruce .. Ralph E. Juergens .. electric currents flowing in circuits beyond the star. Lightning and electrical discharges are a form of plasma..' - Thornhill

(Electric Sun) - 'Ralph Juergens was the person with the vision to see it.' - Donald E. Scott

Hannes Alfvén (1908 - 1995) - By C.-G. Fälthammar and A. J. Dessler

Commemorating Kristian Birkeland (December 13, 1867 — Jun 15, 1917)

(SAFIRE) - '..the foundation by which these energies can be beneficially harnessed.'

(Focus Fuson) - '..our fusion device, FF-2B, has met our initial goal of achieving low-impurity plasma.'

(Focus Fusion) - LPPFusion - '..the filaments that we are using in our fusion device also control the formation of structures in the universe.'

(Electric Universe) - '..astrophysics: the inevitable recognition of tremendous electric currents at the largest cosmic scales.'

(2020 - 2050 - Becoming a spacefaring civilization) - 'These are extraordinary times. And we face an extraordinary challenge .. space is there, and we're going to climb it .. for the progress of all people.'

(Electric flight) - '..to become the world’s first fully electric society by 2050.'

(Sustainable Agriculture) - The Rapid Emergence of Plasma Agriculture (Healing the earth through biodynamic farming - SEKEM)

‘..where we learn the Art of Being Human’

Feeling & Analyzing

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