(Haptonomy) - '..haptotherapy .. contact, connectedness, and reciprocity.'

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'..In haptotherapy, however, affective touch has to do with contact, connectedness, and reciprocity.'

'The first day was rather tough. At high speed, researchers presented their fundamental research in neurosciences. As practising haptotherapists, we felt blown away by all kinds of scientific terms on rather too full slides, for example: CT-fibres and CT appropriate touch, Aß-neurons, SI and SII, names of brain regions, graphics and images. It became clear that for these researchers the concept of affective touch has a different meaning than for the haptotherapists. In this fundamental research, affective touch is the kind of touch that stimulates the CT-fibres (CT-appropriate touch). This is done by a standardized stroking the hairy forearm, with a soft brush, at a certain speed. In haptotherapy, however, affective touch has to do with contact, connectedness, and reciprocity.


The next IASAT conference will be held in 2021 in Marseille. I hope to have finished my next study (participatory observation and interviews with patients and haptotherapists) on time in order to apply for another presentation. I hope we will be there with even more haptotherapists, so I invite the readers of this journal to attend this conference, preferably with posters and presentations about their own research on haptotherapy.'

- Agnes van Swaay, IASAT Conference 2019: an impression, December 5, 2019

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(Haptonomy) - '..how affectivity shapes the human being in its being and essence throughout life.' - Dr. Catherine Dolto