(New York Times) - Russia Strikes Turkish Forces in Syria, Turkey Says - '..our alliance is with Turkey, it is not with Russia..'

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' “This is a big development,” Ms. Hutchison said, “and our alliance is with Turkey, it is not with Russia.” She added, “We want Turkey to understand that we are the ones that they’ve been allied with.”


The escalation came as Western members of the United Nations Security Council in New York implored Russia and Syria to decree a humanitarian cease-fire in the Idlib region.


Rossiya 24, a state news channel, reported that Turkey was targeting Syrian Army troops with artillery and Russian helicopters with antiaircraft fire in response to the strike that killed Turkish soldiers. The report cited only unspecified “information” it had received, not an official source.'

- New York Times, Russia Strikes Turkish Forces in Syria, Turkey Says, February 27, 2020


'Five Turkish soldiers were killed .. by Syrian government forces..'

'..when Assad's war crimes will hopefully be tried before an international court.'

'..offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe..' - '..the Soviet Union was cut off from Western financial markets..'

(Syria) - '..Putin may yet come to rue the gamble.'

'..Putin is unacceptable to the world..' - '..Stockholm now considers Russia to be the top threat to Swedish national security..' - 'Russia is still pouring heavy weapons into Ukraine..' - '..[use] all .. tools to help Ukraine..'

Russia Is Ruled not By Responsible Politicians, But By Irresponsible Bureaucrats

'..to diversify their energy sources..' - '..strengthen their defences..'

'..Positive Peace as a holistic, systemic framework.'

Through justice, peace