Electromagnatism and Earth

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"The complex system approach, which involves "seeing" inter-connections and relationships, i.e., the whole picture as well as the component parts…"
-- D. Sornette

The earth’s magnetic field, which is generated by currents of molten iron flowing around a solid core, could be called an electromagnetic field and I will use the term electromagnetism (electricity ‘generates’ magnetism) from now on. Electromagnetism is a very important force within the universe. According to the plasma-cosmologist (the plasma-universe model is in my opinion a more realistic image of the universe than the Big Bang model) electricity is THE force within the universe, more important than gravity (gravity is the most important force within the Big Bang model)). So to understand electricity is to understand an important part of the workings of the universe [1].

Now let’s zoom in to our solar system. Our sun is a giant dynamo generating an electro-magnetic field which protects the planets, like Earth, and other objects from inter galactic space radiation and space dust. We, human beings, are also mildly protected by Jupiter electromagnetic field [2] and the Earth’s electro magnetic field is our best companion. The Sun plays a role with Earth’s generations of her electromagnetic (within planet Earth) and of course the solar wind mould the Earth magnetic field (without planet Earth). I think that this kind of ‘mechanism’ has considerable influence on Earth’s Climate [3] and other aspects but unfortunately a lot of this is speculation because today there is no substantial proof for what I am telling you now. I also believe the strange [4] behavior of the Sun’s electromagnetic field causes the ‘warmer than usual’ weather pattern of today [5]. That doesn’t mean that Mankind isn’t to blame, but Mankinds influence on the climate is different, for example the airplane condensation trails [6] influences temperature a lot. This would halt when we would stop flying planes. The strange behavior of the Sun’s electromagnetic field - Its electromagnetic field hasn’t flipped completely [7] – could further mold (maybe weaken the field?) tucks Earth’s electromagnetic field gently advancing the flipping (it is not exactly flipping, the poles will wonder around) of the Earth’s poles.

Will this happen with huge tidal waves and massive earthquakes, splitting of continents that will end Mankind’s civilization? Well no, but there will be an increase in earthquakes –linked with the Earth’s core and platetechtonics [8]- and climate change, especially climate (ocean currents also play an very important role for balancing the climate and cooling of the platetechtonics mechanisms). You can build structures that can resist an earthquake but we do not control the weather. So if there’s no rain at your place, year in year out, than you are forced to migrate. Human migration will probably rise. I also believe that the Earth electro-magnetic poles won’t flip flop in a split second, but that it will take some time (decades). The influence on living beings, like birds and many other species which use the magnetic field lines as a compass will show some erratic behavior. The erratic behavior will be gone when they adapt to the changed magnetic field lines.

The influence of a changing Earth Magnetic field (maybe the Sun’s electromagnetic field too?) on human beings (a very young scientific field) is unknown. We do know that a small part of our brain show some sensitivity to the Earth magnetic field. This is very subtle, but subtle influences on the long run can have a major impact. Could we see more erratic behavior of human beings? Who knows, but when we look at history they always behave in a funny way :) [9]. Also, our body depends on its own electric pulses (signals of nerve cells or neurotransmitters (in the brain)). Could the Earth’s electromagnetic field influence these body electric pulses too? We have no substantial proof or any scientific data to support this. To put is diplomatically, more research is needed.

Why are there so many uncertainties and unknowns with electromagnetism and the influence that it exercise on the environment? An answer could be: At the start of the 20th century Tesla’s [10] Electromagnetic Thinking wasn’t chosen as the center for studying reality. Instead we would follow Einstein’s Gravity Thinking. In his latter years Einstein knew that he made an error with focusing too much on gravity and thereby he couldn’t integrate magnetism within his reality-models. This is one of the reasons that the research in electro-magnetism is only something of the past ten years and still is a very small scientific research field. If we had followed Tesla’s thinking, we would now have a much broader and deeper understanding of electro-magnetism and the subtle(!) working on the environment. The Sun’s magnetic field influences the environment within the Solar System on all objects. The Star System electromagnetic field influences billions of stars like our own sun and huge clusters of Star Systems are just mind-boggling structures of plasma and electricity (generating magnetism). Some say that de 21st century will be the age of electromagnetism and I agree with that.

To end:

This is a time which is very interesting. Never before in Mankind’s known history there were more than 6 billion people on this planet. Never before has this human race, the Homo sapiens, experienced a vastly changing Earth electromagnetic field. These are a kind of turmoil or storms. Earth’s electromagnetic field will exert influence on this planet and the living beings upon it. Climate Change linked with electromagnetism will storm Mankind but this is just one of the many global problems, like poverty, that Mankind faces [11]. To handle all these changes and challenges today, with 6.3 billion people and within 20 years around 8 billion, she needs a new kind of organization and (scientific [12])thinking style. This will be the ultimate storm… and this new intellectual structure will rip many old structures apart.

It is not only interesting how the environment, like the sun and the planets within the solar system, changes, but what is also very interesting is how human beings will cope with it. The environment forces them to change, to adapt and hopefully for the better because there are greater danger that are lurking within the universe [13] and we have to build something to protect us from these dangerous events. It should be possible together...more than 6 billion people… but there is still a long read ahead and unfortunately a lot of energy is wasted with strife.


“The next twenty years will be of critical importance to our planet. How global problems are resolved over these years will determine the fate of our planet for the next generations".
-- Vice president of the World Bank for Europe Jean-François Rischard.

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