(Egypt Code) Astronomically aligned within the Plasma Universe (Plasma Cosmology)

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<blockquote>'This book The Egypt Code is an excellent follow-up to the author's previous THE ORION MYSTERY. I believe that he does have something here that deserves attention. Egyptologists have never been in agreement over the reason for the placement of the pyramids, their relative sizes at Giza, their orientation, etc. Bauval has provided a "unified [pyramid] field theory" to account for all of the above without forcing the issue. Even the Zoser statue, the Sphinx, and other works of "funerary" sculpture are given new meaning vis-a-vis their positioning. A must for anyone interested in this area of Antiquity.'

- Prof. Lewis M. Greenberg (Source)</blockquote>

Remember: 'The engineering and labor ... rival that of the Egyptian Pyramids' So: astronomically aligned within the Plasma Universe (Plasma Cosmology)

<blockquote>'Peratt’s book The Physics of the Plasma Universe (Second Edition, 2015) has led the way to a new understanding of high-energy plasma behavior and the role of electricity in the cosmos. Due in large part to the Coalition of Plasma Science, of which Peratt is a member, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the world’s largest scientific and technical society, announced that it would recognize “Plasma Cosmology” as an official discipline in science.'

- Thunderbolts of the Gods, Chapter 1, page 21. (emphasis added)</blockquote>

<blockquote>'One of the most respected innovators was Nobel Laureate Hannes Alfvén, honored as the father of “plasma cosmology,” an approach to cosmic evolution based on electric forces. It was Alfvén who developed the first models of galactic structure and star formation rooted in the dynamics of electrified plasma, and his challenges to the “pure mathematics” of modern cosmology arose from experimental evidence that has grown increasingly persuasive in recent years.

Alfven’s close colleague, Anthony Peratt, later extended his investigation, conducting experiments with far-reaching implications for the understanding of galaxies, stars, and the evolution of planetary systems. From graduate school until Alfvén's death in 1995, Peratt worked with the pioneer to define the frontiers of plasma cosmology, a subject highlighted in the physicist Eric Lerner’s popular book, The Big Bang Never Happened. Peratt’s work included unprecedented three-dimensional simulations of galaxy evolution and of other plasma structures in space. Today he is internationally recognized as an authority on plasma discharge instabilities and their three-dimensional simulation.

Using equations that describe the interactions of electric and magnetic fields (Maxwell-Lorentz equations), Peratt developed a super computer program to mimic the effects of electric discharge within a large volume of charged particles. His "Particle in Cell" (PIC) simulations have produced formations that are virtually indistinguishable from the energetic patterns of actual galaxies...'

- Thunderbolts of the Gods, Chapter 1, page 20.</blockquote>


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