'...benevolent affection...' '...the foundation of creativity.' '...creative human action or entrepreneurial activity...'

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'...benevolent affection...'

'..the human ... for love and friendship; not for mutual destruction, but for mutual service and safety; not to commit injuries, but for acts of reciprocal beneficence[.] Man she brought into the world naked, weak, tender, unarmed, his flesh of the softest texture, his skin smooth, delicate, and susceptible of the slightest injury. There is nothing observable in his limbs adapted to fighting or to violence.

...She gave him eyes full of affectionate expression, the indexes of a mind delighting in social sympathy. She gave him arms to embrace his fellow creatures. She gave him lips to express a union of heart and soul. She gave him alone the power of laughing, a mark of the joy of which he is susceptible.

..She sowed in his heart the seeds of every benevolent affection..'

Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466/1469–1536)

'...the foundation of creativity.'

'...a refined [affective] inner sensibility is the foundation of creativity.'

– Frans Veldman (The Power of a Story ‘...so there could be no conflict’)

'...creative human action or entrepreneurial activity...'

'The subjectivist view is a more fitting approach. Developed by the Austrian School, it is based on their concept of creative human action or entrepreneurial activity and implies a dynamic analysis of the general processes of social interaction...'

– Jesús Huerta de Soto, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles, 2012 (pdf), xlv


'A judgment of value .. a man's affective response to definite conditions of the universe..'